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Impactful Leadership
for Business and Society

I am an enterprising and influential Sustainability/ESG Director with a 15-year track record of designing and delivering high-value, high-impact sustainability services and programs in the research, education and training, and consulting sectors in four OECD countries.

I am an orchestrator. I spend my days bringing people, ideas and resources together, to nurture thriving and purpose-led people, relationships, communities, and organisations - all within ecological limits!

I am a sustainable development specialist, author, educator and consultant.  My vision is a world where people and organizations thrive within sustainable ecological limits. Inspired by the Limits to Growth dilemma, I find innovative ways to put research and thought leadership into practice.

I see the world as is, but also as it could be. I share my vision for the future by writing this blog, and through my work by engaging with businesses and communities to listen, plan action and facilitate change towards a sustainable future.

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