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Global Landscapes Forum at COP27

I had the opportunity to speak at Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Climate 2022 at COP27. I don't often get to speak about the social and just transition implications of net zero and decarbonisation, so I was very happy for the opportunity to do just that at this "stewardship economy" themed session. I got to bare a little more of my heart than usual, and to bring some of my experiences in and with the Global South to this talk.


You can listen to my short contribution, dialing in to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from Brisbane, Australia here. I hope you enjoy listening to it.


I appreciate the satisfaction and privilege of being able to bring my "heart" to work, especially in a leadership role. It was also really moving to be in such great company, hearing from others on the same topic. I especially enjoyed hearing from First Nations Peoples from all over the globe, and from contributors from the African continent and the Caribbean! I recommend listening to the other speakers as well - some were there in person, others joined virtually.

Thanks for having me at #glfclimate. It was an absolute pleasure.


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