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People, Place and Planet: Innovation for Impact in Government

In March 2023 I had the pleasure of speaking at the #BiiG2023 Festival (Innovation for Impact in Government). Such an inspiring conversation in response to a simple question: "Why Queensland, Why Now?".

Globally and right here in our great State we are witnessing several inflection points, regarding post-COVID recovery, sustainability and resilience, and sustainable transformation, for example. Why not now? Now is the perfect time for innovation, not just in government, as we prepare to adapt, mitigate, and lead.


Watch the event highlights in this video - including commentary from me around 17 seconds in (00:17):


🤎 In sustainability, nature and net zero in particular, we need better alignment on our Purpose, as a state and as a nation, beginning with addressing rampant misinformation and misdirection.

(When asked the question about Purpose I immediately thought of colleagues doing excellent work at KPMG Australia with (public) organisations around Purpose. I remembered my UQ Business School MBA sessions on Strategy and Purpose. I also thought of you Nick Barter and our upcoming dialogue at Griffith University about Purpose and ESG. Can't wait!)

🤎 Nature needs a seat at the table, in rooms where business and governance decisions are made. I just presented on this point at The Faculty Big Ideas Summit. I have lots more to say about this, and how we can get it done - coming soon in a separate post!

🤎 I gave the attendees some "homework", to look up "sufficiency" and "post-growth". If you've been following me long enough, you'll know I'm a stuck record. Check out the Post Growth Institute.

🤎 Finally, it was wonderful to see all the amazing women present and leading, whose voices, businesses and ideas were showcased at the Main Day event. 🙌🏾 👏🏾

The organisers did a great job! Also, how fun to meet new people and catch up with good friends and colleagues (and a few former staff and students as well!).

Also read: this summary article by Peter Gearin in The Mandarin.


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