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New Book on Renewable Energy Enterprise in Emerging Markets

My new book is now available! It is called, Renewable Energy Enterprises in Emerging Markets: Strategic and Operational Challenges, and is available to purchase from Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group) here. It is also available in eBook format to local/university libraries.

This book is a culmination of years of detailed research on renewable energy enterprises in emerging markets.

I am especially grateful to all the entrepreneurs in emerging markets around the world who were a part of this. Thank you for sharing your stories, experiences and insight with me, and for allowing me to share them with others. There are no words to fully express my gratitude for your trust.

This quote from the Preface of the book summarises my motivation for writing it:

"Little voice [had been] given to the enterprises themselves in some of the world’s least developed markets. Therefore, when these elusive entrepreneurs agreed to tell me their stories it was of paramount importance that I listened and studied keenly, and in this book, share those stories in good faith."

Wondering what's inside? Here is a list of chapters in the book:

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Renewable Energy Enterprises in Emerging Markets

  • Chapter 2: A Typology of Renewable Energy Enterprises

  • Chapter 3: Logistical Growing Pains

  • Chapter 4: How Renewable Energy Enterprises Compete

  • Chapter 5: The Aid-Centric Business Model

  • Chapter 6: Defining and Measuring Success

Routledge Business & Economics has included three chapters from the book as resources on the newly developed Sustainable Development Goals Online (SDGO) - an online research, teaching and learning collection that Taylor & Francis Group has built to support the delivery of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I am especially pleased about this, as it means the book can be used in classrooms around the world to teach sustainability and derive solutions for resilient enterprises, especially in emerging markets.

You can check my Google Scholar page for my previous academic work on renewable energy enterprises in emerging markets.

Finally, watch this space! I will publish separate blog posts soon, discussing the salient and most useful points (at least, for renewable energy enterprises and sustainable development scholars) of each chapter.

Happy reading!


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