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Now Published! Why Teach with Cases?

My second book, "Why Teach with Cases?", is now finally available in paperback and ebook.

Check it out here on Emerald (includes free sample chapter):

And here on Amazon:

It feels like this video was recorded a lifetime ago! Still, I continue to use all the tips and strategies I learned in my time in higher education in my ongoing work with organisations to provide advisory, training, workshop and public speaking services.

Big thanks to:

📚 My publishers EmeraldPublishing.

📚 Harvard Business School, Harvard Business Publishing and Ivey Publishing for providing training and/or access to the engaging cases I've used in the past and continue to use to this day. Special shout out to Denise Lau and the team for their excellence in training and service delivery over the years.

📚 My former colleagues on the Board of North American Case Research Association (NACRA) for being my case community when I needed it.

📚 UQ Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI) and UQ Business School for support and recognition over the years.

📚 The amazing Erin Houselander and team for this video.

📚 Anyone else who may have had anything at all to do with the book, but with whom I've worked on some case-teaching / experiential and authentic learning project in the past (former students and trainees included!).


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